User Help

Logging Into the System

Using this window, perform these procedures to log on to the system:

  • In the User ID field, enter your user name.

  • Tab over to or click inside the Password field. A SignOn Password keypad window displays.

  • Using the keypad, carefully select the characters for your password.

  • NOTE: Whenever you need to toggle between capital and lower-case letters, be sure to click the displayed keypad's Caps or Shift buttons. Do not use the Caps Lock or Shift buttons on your computer keyboard!

  • Using the Take Me To drop-down menu, select the destination screen you wish to display once you've accessed the system.

  • Optionally, click the Make this page my default destination page checkbox if you wish to access the selected default destination screen each time you log in.

  • Click the Login button.

  • The system activates the session and displays the requested destination screen.

    NOTE: The first time you log in after online enrollment, the system displays the Security Question Answers screen, which you must complete with a series of selected security questions and corresponding answers.

    If this is the first time you've logged in after a password reset, the system immediately displays the Change Password screen, which requires you to select a new password.

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